Sirius 110

Machine Characteristics

Basic configuration

  • Feeder
    • 2 -way accessible high pile pallet feeder with Komfi double action feeding head.
    • Precise and constant sheet overlap achieved thanks to the sheet registration system using a mis-feed sensor, front lays, accelerating in-feed pulleys and guiding plates to prevent thin paper from wrinkling.
    • Laser guided pallet driving system with quick adjustable lateral stops and air nozzles.
    • Combined air / vacuum compressor.
    • Adjustable separation blowers for reliable separation of sheets from the pile and trouble-free loading of long sheets.
  • Laminating unit
    • High-polished chrome laminating roll, with deep drilled sensors located close to the film surface.
    • Dry, low inertia multi zone heating system using resistance heater, temperature detection by deep drilled sensor with the touch-less signal convertor.
    • Laminating rolls are belt driven to achieve outstanding sheet surface quality for special metallic and holographic films.
    • Pneumatic nip thrust applied by durable polyurethane coated pressure roll, with nip stoppers for thick sheets and windows lamination.
    • On fly side adjustable air expansion unwind shaft, with automatic film tensioning and capacity detection. Height adjustable film spread roll to smooth wrinkles on film.
    • Zone heating of the laminating roller keeps roll temperature even and saves energy when laminating small formats.
  • Sheet de-curling unit
    • Pneumatic pull roll with adjustable nip force to create tension for sheet de-curling.
    • Dual roll/bar de-curling adjustable unit with position detection to have sheet registered for its separation.
  • Separator & delivery
    • Rotary separation knives for reliable film separation at high speed.
    • Built-in perforator to support trouble-free sheets separation, or to be used for special jobs where knife is not applicable.
    • Pneumatic driven separation roller with adjustable rotation speed and vertical movement.
    • Automatic (pneumatic) skew wheel to make sheet separation reliable and separated sheet edge clean.
    • Sheet separation detector to control whole laminating process and save machine from paper jams.
    • 2-way accessible automatic stacker.
    • Adjustable working height for thin substrates.
    • Vertically directable air nozzles to create an air pillow carrying delivered sheets.
    • High safety standard thanks to the optical shield.

SW functions included

  • Stop on the sheet overlap to avoid waste sheets.
  • Zero overlap possibility for processing thick substrates.
  • Automatic air pressure & temperature check to prevent from laminator and sheet damage.
  • End of job function for easy rewind of film.
  • Sensor for sheet separation detection and jam detection to protect the machine and sheets from the damage.
  • Automatic pressure roll disengagement to avoid to inks or paper filling sticking on roll surface when it is in pressure.
  • Second gate off mode to remove the risk of sheet reverse side surface scratching.
  • Feeder head auto parking allows to resume the lamination at any time.
  • Automated start sequence facilitates start of lamination for operator.
  • Windows lamination mode when misfeed sensor is tolerating the opening in the sheet and still controlling the sheet overlap.
  • Instructions and basic troubleshooting on display.
  • Auto separation sync feature keeps sheets separator always registered.
  • Two speedometer modes meters/minute and sheets/hour toggle switch.
  • Choice of measuring units (imperial/metric) and built-in language localisation.
  • Job parameters pre-sets in the memory to shorten laminator changeover times.
  • Built-in internet connectivity for service support.


  • Film slitter to cut film to the requested width.
  • Additional On roll perforator.
  • Effect foiling device (OTF).
  • Pallet fine positioning tool.
  • Hot knife with variable rotation speeds for perfect separation of thick, PET and Nylon films that eliminates flagging.
  • Antistatic bar removes static charge from the separator to avoid thin sheets wrapping onto the rollers.
  • Windows lamination kit.
  • Strip lamination kit.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
60 m/min
Max sheet size
107 × 145 cm
Paper weight
115-600 g/m²
Machine dimensions
344 × 187 × 132 cm
Min. sheet dimensions
36 × 30 cm
Max. paper pile
68 cm
Thickness of laminating film
24-50 μm
Kind of laminating film
OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up
6 min
Sheet overlap accuracy
1.5 mm
Air supply
Min. 6 bar
Consumption of compressed air
120 l/min
Max. pressing force
42,7 kN = 4.35 ton-force
Max. linear nip pressure
39 N/mm
Power supply
17 kVA
Parametr Hodnota
Min. rozměry archů
30 x 22 cm
Max. výška stohu nakladače
68 cm
Tloušťka laminovací fólie
24-50 μm
Druh laminovací fólie
OPP, PET, Nylon
Čas vytopení laminovacího válce
5 min
Přesnost přesahu archů
±1 mm
Vzduchová přípojka
Min. 6 bar
Spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
70 l/min
Max. Spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
95 l/min
Max. přítlačná síla
49.8 kN
Max. lineární tlak v nipu
65 N/mm
Zdroj napájení
16.5 kVA

Custom-built solutions

Sirius 130 machine (basic sheet format 130 x 190 cm) is custom-built only. The technical parameters of these models are different from standard configuration.

Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements.


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