We have installed hundreds of laminating and coating machines worldwide. Some customers are still using our first machines that we installed more than 14 years ago! These references will tell you why our machines are so popular and why our clients are so happy with them.

The greatest reward for our work is clearly a satisfied customer. We are happy that our customers are satisfied with our products and services.



Amiga 52 Tandem Double

Because... we liked the robustness of the machine and its reliability.

- Jan ŠVEJDA Executive Director and Co-owner

PrintPoint Czech Republic

Amiga 36

Because ... we were looking for a solution that was super reliable, (...), faster and easier to work with.

- Daniel Růžička Owner

RUDI Czech Republic

Delta 52

Because … the machines never let us down and it is simply a joy to work with this machines.

- Peter Aschenbrenner CEO

Aschenbrenner Austria

Fullmatic 52

Because … this is the best way to offer our customers consistent quality.

- Alexander Haßinger CEO

ODD Germany

Sagitta 76

Because … the quality of the product made with the Sagitta is easily detectable.

- Apolinário Afonso Production Manager

Empresa Diario do Porto, Portugal

Amiga 52

Because … it has an excellent price performance ratio, combined with industrial build quality, also support from dealer is around the corner when needed.

- Patrick Gimmi, CEO

Typotron Switzerland

Sagitta 52

Because … Having the laminator will enable us to expand our customer base, take on more work, give us more flexibility and take in-house control of both the quality and the finished product.

- Richard Hughes, Managing Director FolioO

Folio United Kingdom

Fullmatic 76, Delta 52, Sagitta 76

Because … They are characterized by reliability, the machines are solidly built, they work very stably, the quality they offer is really very high

- Jakub Paruszewski, Product manager

Drukarnia ABEDIK, Poland

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FESTO – supplier of pneumatic components

We have been cooperating with Komfi since 1995 and we are the main partner in the supply of pneumatic elements for their products – both for mass-produced laminating and painting machines and for single-purpose machines made to order for a specific customer. Komfi is a manufacturer of machines with its own development and design and therefore, thanks to our mutual long-term cooperation, we are also involved in the design of new machines (design of pneumatic elements, etc.).

Komfi is an important partner for us, with whom we have excellent cooperation on a professional level. Komfi is a strong and innovative company that puts a lot of effort into developing new products and features. It is the fulfilment of the demanding wishes of our end customers that is the common goal of both our companies.

Ing. Václav Lacina, Marketing Manager