Laminating Solutions

We are professionals in the field of laminating. We have been mass producing laminators since 1996, so we proudly claim thousands of installed machines. You can do more with our machines than you think!

Our satisfied customers know that. Listen to why they chose the Komfi laminator and what changes the purchase of our technology has brought them.

How to choose the right laminator for your needs

Product lines for quick reference


I’m starting with lamination, and laminate a couple of jobs a day, but I need to get them done as soon as possible and with good quality.


I laminate often, but mostly smaller jobs. I don’t need extra speed, but a reliable machine that can laminate a variety of mostly digitally printed jobs.


I have standardised orders in terms of sheet format, type of paper and foil used, I print mostly digitally. But I need guaranteed performance, quality, a high level of automation and the possibility of inline connection directly with the printing machine.


I need a versatile machine that can laminate large jobs quickly and well, but can also handle special jobs that are demanding to process.

Sagitta, Sirius

I laminate extensively and need a powerful laminator that will guarantee me a perfect result from start to finish.

Laminators by type of order, for processing

Printing technology

Digital printing:
Junior, Amiga, X-Stream, Delta

Offset printing:
Amiga, Delta, Sagitta, Sirius

Format of the processed sheet

B3 & SRA3 (width 36 cm):
Junior 36, Amiga 36, X-Stream 3680

B2 (width 52 cm):
Junior 52, Amiga 52, Delta 56

B1+ (width 76+ cm):

Amiga 76, Sagitta 76, Sirius 110

Level of automation and operator comfort

Manual loading:
Junior 36, Junior 52

Bottom feeding with on-the-fly sheet feeding:
Amiga 36, Amiga 52

High stack feeding with feeding head:
Amiga 36, Amiga 52, Amiga 76

Processing from pallet to pallet:
Delta 56, Sagitta 76, Sirius 110

Inline feeding directly from the printing machine:
X-Stream 3680

Double-sided lamination: 
Amiga 52 Tandem Double

Rasterizing / embossing effect:
Amiga 52 Tandem Emboss