Machine Characteristics

Basic configuration

  • Feeder
    • Feeding table for manual sheet loading.
    • Built-in air supply (no external connection needed).
    • Adjustable guide plates for thin sheets processing.
    • Automatic sheet overlap control.
    • Sheet overlap sensor to protect the pressure roller from the laminate adhesive sticking.
  • Laminating unit
    • Side-adjustable unwinding shaft with adjustable brake force.
    • Height-adjustable and removable spread roller perfectly removes wrinkles from laminate.
    • IR heating for laminating cylinder. Temperature sensor inside the cylinder for precise regulation.
    • Rubber coated pressure roller.
    • Adjustable distance stoppers for lamination unit to enable processing thick substrates and windows lamination.
    • The powerful pneumatic pressure system guarantees even nip pressure and perfect lamination results.
  • Separator & delivery
    • De-curling unit consisting of bar- and roller element to reach flat result also for difficult thin or duplex sheets.
    • Built-in film perforator and skewing wheel to enable sheet separation.
    • Snapping unit with fixed snapping speed and unique tilting mechanism to define snapping moment.
    • Fixed delivery desk.

SW functions included

  • Zero overlap option for thick sheets processing.
  • Choice of measuring units.
  • Intuitive user interface with built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting.


  • Additional guiding bar for comfortable manual feeding.
  • Additional desk for easy loading of long sheets.
  • Top suction belt feeder for pile stack feeding with possible upgrade on site.
  • Teflon pressure roller with non-sticking surface to reduce film or duplex print marking.
  • Airshaft
  • Film slitter to cut film roll to the required width.
  • Additional On roll perforator.
  • Effect foiling device with possibility to apply PSA film too.
  • 1″ unwinding shaft for effect films.
  • Air ionizer for smooth sheets unloading without static charge.
  • Automatic skewing wheel for reliable separation of difficult films.
  • External OTF module (foiling unit).
  • Roll lift for comfortable handling of laminating film rolls.

Technické parametry

Parameter Value
15 m/min
Max sheet size
52 x 80 cm
Paper weight
115-350 g/m²
Machine dimensions
212 x 77 x150 cm
Min. sheet dimensions
20 × 25 cm
Thickness of laminating film
24-40 μm
Kind of laminating film
OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating cylinder warm up
Cca. 5.5 min
Sheet overlap accuracy
±1 mm
Air connection
Consumption of compressed air
8 l/min
Max. consumption of compressed air
Max. pressing force
13 kN
Max. linear nip pressure
24 N/mm
Max. consumption of electricity
3.9 kW
Power supply (EU version)
3.9 kVA
Power supply (US version)
Machine weight
240 kg
Recommended machine capacity
100 000 sheets/month
Parametr Hodnota
Min. rozměry archů
20 × 20 cm
Tloušťka laminovací fólie
24-50 μm
Druh laminovací fólie
OPP, PET, Nylon
Doba zahřátí laminovacího válce
Cca. 3.5 min
Přesnost přesahu archů
±1 mm
Vzduchová přípojka
Min. 6 bar
Spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
8 l/min
Max. spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
8 l/min
Max. přitlačovaná síla
12.8 kN
Max. lineární tlak v nipu
35.5 N/mm
Max. spotřeba elektřiny
2.1 kW
Napájení (verze EU)
2.6 kVA
Zdroj napájení (americká verze)
3.1 kVA
Hmotnost stroje
240 kg
Doporučená kapacita stroje
100 000 archů/měsíc

Custom-built solutions

Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements



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* Technické parametry našich výrobků se mohou změnit bez předchozího upozornění.
* Fotografie / videa produktů mohou obsahovat další opce, které nejsou součástí standardní dodávky.