Machine Characteristics

Basic configuration

  • Komfi single action feeding head.
  • Automated Feeder enables to load pallet with paper stack.
  • Double sheet detection sensor and sheet wrap senor to prevent paper jams.
  • Coating unit with 3-rollers application system.
  • Heated metering roller.
  • Air knife for reliable thin sheets run through the machine.
  • IR heating unit including Hot Air fans helps for better flow of the UV varnish before curing to reach uniform coating layer, or to dry the coated layer when using the AQ varnish.
  • UV curing system, with electronic power supply.
  • Fixed delivery desk.

SW functions included

  • Built-in internet connectivity for service support.

Available options

  • Sheet preheater for good connection of ink and coating.
  • Jogging table.
  • Fully automated high pile pallet stacker.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
30 m/min
Max sheet size
52 × 80 cm
Paper weight
115-350 g/m²
Machine dimensions
330 × 140 × 130 cm
Min. sheet dimensions
20 × 25 cm
Max. paper pile
48 cm
Varnish type
UV varnish, viscosity 30-65 s
Application quantity
4-15 g/m²
Time of UV lamp activation
Cca 2 min.
UV lamp power
5 kVA
Air supply
Min. 6 bar
Pressure air consumption at stable running
180 l/min
Maximal pressure air consuption
200 l/min
Power supply
13 kVA
Parametr Hodnota
Min. rozměry archů
20 × 25 cm
Max. výška stohu nakladače
48 cm
Druh laku
UV lak, viskozita 30-65 s
Množství aplikace
4-15 g/m²
Čas aktivace UV lampy
Cca 2 min.
Výkon UV lampy
5 kVA
Vzduchová přípojka
Min. 6 bar
Spotřeba tlakového vzduchu při ustáleném provozu
180 l/min
Maximální spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
200 l/min
Zdroj napájení
13 kVA

Custom-built solutions

Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements

Double-sided varnishing (2 coating machines + sheet turning unit)


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* Product pictures/videos may show additional options not included in the standard delivery.