Machine Characteristics

Basic configuration

  • Feeder
    • Feeding table with pallet loading possibility from 2 sides. Able to process paper stack loaded with or without overhang from the pallet.
    • Laser marker guide for smooth pallet loading into the machine.
    • Comfortable automatic down movement of feeding table with double click. Feeder is equipped with light barrier for operator’s safety.
    • Komfi double action feeding head for extremely reliable feeding even at high speed and thin substrates.
    • Adjustable separation blowers for reliable separation of sheets from the pile and trouble-free loading of long sheets.
    • Automatic and precise sheet overlap control with front lay register.
  • Laminating unit
    • Energy saving zone heating system. You will appreciate especially when running different sheet formats.
    • Temperature sensors inside the cylinder for extremely precise regulation.
    • Polyurethane pressure roller for longer roller life.
    • Adjustable device for distancing lamination roller to enable processing thick substrates and windows lamination.
    • Adjustable spread roller for perfect smoothing of difficult film before lamination roller.
    • Inlet air pressure decrease sensor to ensure constant quality results.
    • Airshaft for film unwinding with side fine adjustment during operation.
    • Pneumatic brake for film tension on unwind shaft.
    • Powerful pneumatic pressure system to ensure excellent laminating results.
  • Separator & delivery
    • Combined switchable de-curling unit (bar and roller) for all kind of difficult substrates.
    • Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator. Pneumatic snapping unit is electronically controlled with higher comfort of operation.
    • Adjustable speed of snapping roller for perfect separation of difficult jobs.
    • Automatic (pneumatic) skew wheel enables 3 modes of work and therefore increases reliability of separation when processing wide range of jobs.
    • Sheet jam detector prevents damages from paper jams.
    • Fixed delivery desk.

SW functions included

  • Stop on the sheet overlap to avoid waste sheets.
  • Zero or minus overlap possibility for processing thick substrates.
  • Manual paper loading function for smaller quantities with automatic down movement of feeding table in ergonomical position.
  • Automatic pressure and temperature detection to prevent irregularity in lamination quality.
  • End of job function for easy rewind of film with the last laminated sheets
  • Sensor for sheet separation detection and jam detection.
  • Job settings memory.
  • Built-in internet connectivity for service support.


  • Film slitter to cut film to the requested width.
  • Additional On roll perforator.
  • Teflon roller option
  • Second airshaft for preparation of new film without interruption. This position on the machine can be equipped with standard airshaft, or with combined shaft which has also a rewinding function in case of effect foiling (OTF).
  • Effect foiling device (OTF) – built in or stand alone for upgrade. Available also in 1” size.
  • PSA bar for pressure sensitive adhesive films processing.
  • Autopilot enables to leave the machine partly unattended. The machine checks the amount of film remaining on the reel and signalize when the volume is low. It also reads the table height and signalize when the stack is low.
  • Automatic film brake reads the amount of film on the reel with help of ultrasonic sensor and brakes the reel accordingly to keep the required tension.
  • Rotary knives for separation without perforating.
  • Hot knife for clean separation where no flagging is acceptable for next operations.
  • Antistatic bar removes static charge from the separator to avoid thin sheets wrapping onto the rollers.
  • Air ionizer for smooth sheets unloading without static charge.
  • Jogging table.
  • Sheet stacker (pallet stacking).
  • Film roll lift for easy handling with laminates.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
40 m/min = 7500 SRA3/h
Max sheet size
56 × 80 cm
Paper weight
115-600 g/m²
Machine dimensions
184 x 123 x 144 cm
Min. sheet dimensions
20 × 20 cm
Max. paper pile
63,5 cm
Thickness of laminating film
24-50 μm
Kind of laminating film
OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up
Approx. 3 min
Sheet overlap accuracy
±1 mm
Air supply
Min. 6 bar
Consumption of compressed air
Max. 120 l/min
Max. pressing force
22,5 kN
Max. linear nip pressure
43 N/mm
Power supply
7,2 kVA
Parametr Hodnota
Min. rozměry archů
20 × 20 cm
Max. výška stohu nakladače
63,5 cm
Tloušťka laminovací fólie
24-50 μm
Druh laminovací fólie
OPP, PET, Nylon
Doba zahřátí laminovacího válce
Cca. 3 min
Přesnost přesahu archů
±1 mm
Vzduchová přípojka
Min. 6 bar
Spotřeba tlakového vzduchu
Max. 120 l/min
Max. přitlačovaná síla
22,5 kN
Max. lineární tlak v nipu
43 N/mm
Zdroj napájení
7,2 kVA

Custom-built solutions

Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements


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