Machine Characteristics

Basic configuration

  • Feeder
    • Single-action feeding head with a system of separation air jets and mechanical separators.
    • Adjustable guiding plates for reliable feeding of thin as well as thick paper.
    • Overlap sensor to protect the pressure roller from sticking the film in case of a gap between sheets.
    • Adjustable distance stops of the laminating unit enable processing of thicker substrates and windows lamination.
    • Adjustable brake for tensioning the film on the spreading roller.
    • The height-adjustable spread roller perfectly smooths and stretches the foil before applying it to the printed material.
  • Laminating unit
    • IR heating of the laminating rollers in cooperation with the temperature sensor located in the wall of the roller enables precise temperature regulation.
    • The laminating unit is equipped with a rubber pressure roller.
    • The powerful pneumatic pressure system guarantees even pressure and perfect results during lamination.
    • Straightening bar makes the laminated sheet perfectly flat after lamination.
  • Separator & delivery
    • Built-in film perforator makes sheet separation smooth and less noisy.
    • A cam-driven tearing roller with an adjustable tearing effect is complemented by a skew wheel and together they ensure a clean distribution of the laminating film.
    • Fixed delivery desk.

SW function included

  • Control system with advanced built-in functions, colour touch screen and a set of buttons according to the relevant standards.
  • Stop on the sheet overlap – reduces the number of destroyed sheets.
  • Zero overlap – enables processing of substrates with a higher thickness.
  • Automatic pressure & temperature check – prevents from poor quality processing.
  • End of job function for easy rewind of film.
  • Choice of measuring units (imperial/metric).
  • Instructions on display.
  • Sensor for sheet separation detection prevents paper jams at delivery.
  • Job settings saving.
  • Built-in internet connectivity – for remote Komfi support, on-line diagnostics and SW updates.


  • Sheet preheater – to increase adhesion and durability.
  • Polyurethan coated pressure roll for longer life time.
  • Teflon coated rubber pressure roll – non-stick surface prevents double-sided printing or foil sticking to the surface of the roller. Significantly reduced need for cleaning.
  • Airshaft.
  • Film roll slitter – cuts the film to the required width.
  • Additional on-roll perforator.
  • Automatic skew wheel with activation in exact moment determined by operator makes long sheet separation reliable and perfect.
  • Antistatic bar (above the snapping roll) – removes static charge from the separator and thus prevents thin sheets from winding up on the rollers.
  • Air-ionizer (behind the snapping roll) – helps smooth unloading of sheets on the unloading table without static charge.
  • Jogging table B1.
  • Automatic sheet stacker.
  • Integrated or External foiling module (Over-Toner Foiling).
  • PSA separation bar – for reliable removing PSA foil liner.
  • Film roll lift for handy replacement of film rolls.

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
25 m/min = 4678 SRA3 sheets/h
Max sheet size
76 × 112 cm
Paper weight
115-600 g/m²
Machine dimensions
370 × 127 × 160 cm
Min. sheet dimensions
20 × 20 cm
Max. paper pile
50 cm
Thickness of laminating film
24-50 μm
Kind of laminating film
OPP, PET, Nylon
Time of laminating roll warm up
cca 3,5 min
Sheet overlap accuracy
±1 mm
Air supply
Min. 6 bar
Consumption of compressed air
65 l/min
Max. consumption of compressed air
95 l/min
Max. pressing force
32,3 kN
Max. linear nip pressure
42,5 N/mm
Max. consumption of electricity
10,4 kW
Power supply
13,5 kVA

Custom-built solutions

Possibility of individual machine modification based on specific requirements


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