On Friday, 19 May 2023, the Microtela science and technology competition, which is part of the promotion of technical education, took place at the L´art Multifunctional Centre. The competition was created thanks to the support of the town of Lanškroun and the community of successful industrial companies in the Lanškroun region, of which we are a part. The aim of the competition is to encourage as many younger pupils as possible to discover and develop their creative abilities and the ability to present their work to the public.
This year, nearly 200 children participated in seven categories. 21 teams competed in the Projects category and this year’s theme was MADE IN LANŠKROUN. In the Microcomputer category there were 34 projects this year, and 13 teams in the Fischertechnik category. Category Ozobot attracted 25 teams.

There were also special prizes, jury prizes and company prizes for the children. Specifically, our company donated three special prizes, namely vouchers for the purchase of a Microcomputer or peripherals and components of their choice, which they can use for their further development. We are already looking forward to the next edition, the 5th one!

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