Print Imprimerie - ламинатор Sagitta 76

Print Imprimerie located in Charleroi (Belgium) is well established. Managed by owner Didier and Christine Chantinne, the company has grown into a large printing company with 40 employees. After an initial contact with Albyco in 2013 where the subject in-house lamination was raised, it was soon decided to purchase a Komfi Sagitta 76 to eliminate the outsourcing of lamination jobs.

Why Albyco & Komfi?

We asked Didier why he was convinced so quickly to choose for Albyco and Komfi:
“The idea of in-house laminating existed already for some time, but it was only after proper evaluation and analysis from the sales people at Albyco that got us convinced and it was therefore clear that we found the right partner. Also the vast number of leading references that use Komfi machines reinforced this confidence in Albyco and Komfi.”

“Despite the fact that the Sagitta 76 is a relatively ‘small’ Reference - laminator Komfi Sagitta 76 in Belgiummachine (in our view) we had full trust in this product and it was proven that this choice was right"

The quality of the machine is hugely important, but also the choice of the partner. Albyco did what they promised in every aspect.”

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