Drukkerij Deneef - ламинатор Amiga 52

Deneef printing company is a commercial printing company that today is managed by the 2nd generation. Tom and Elke Deneef provide a wide range of high quality products delivered rapidly. By finishing in-house they can respond very quickly to customer demand and thereby guarantee a quick delivery time.

Tom Deneef: “Our orders which included lamination grew rapidly so the need for an in-house laminator was set. By taking out the transport factor our response time decreased dramatically which means quicker and better service to our customers.”

Why Albyco & Komfi?

Albyco is, for some years now, our supplier of finishing machines and after a thorough market research amongst competitors it was the Komfi Amiga 52 which convinced us. Include the top-class service of Albyco and you know it can’t go wrong. In-house lamination gives us the benefits we expected and we are very satisfied with the essential after-service that Albyco provides us. A commercial printing company such as ours should be able to count on his supplier and help us to improve our deadline we guarantee to our customers.”

Reference - laminator Komfi Amiga 52 in Belgium        Photo: Tom Deneef (left), Carli Van de Peer (Albyco) - Komfi Amiga 52

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